Greening The Big Apple

On September 27, 2012, the New York League of Conservation Voters ("NYLCV") published "Blueprint for a Greener New York City". The policy agenda sets forth NYLCV’s vision for the further "greening" of New York and makes dozens of detailed recommendations that will help guide city leaders through the end of the current mayoral administration. The Blueprint covers a wide range of sustainability issues, from water quality and climate change to transportation and solid waste.

Non-partisan and greatly respected on both sides of the aisle in Albany, NYLCV is the only statewide environmental organization in New York that fights for clean water, clean air, renewable energy and open space through political action.  The publications of NYLCV and its sister organization, the 501(c)(3) New York League of Conservation Voters Education Fund, provide an excellent source for background on the environmental issues that confront all of us as citizens of New York.. One such publication is "Protecting Your Community: A Citizen’s Guide to Reporting Environmental Offenses", which stresses the importance of citizen participation in reporting environmental crimes. This publication sets forth in detail how an environmental crime is defined, how it is identified and how it should be reported.     





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