NYS Hydrofracking Moratorium: No End In Sight

The NYLCV’s eco politics daily reported this morning that Governor Andrew Cuomo will not reach a decision on whether to allow fracking in New York until the NYS Department of Health releases its long-awaited study concerning fracking’s health effects.

On Monday, Gov. Cuomo spoke with Susan Arbetter of NCYN’s Program, "The Capitol Pressroom".  He acknowledged that while fracking could have economic benefits for upstate New York, the accompanying health and environmental impacts were not insignificant and he was not prepared to condemn or condone the practice before knowing the full consequences of such action.

At the same time, the DEC is in the process of collecting information on a comprehensive exploration of environmental impacts for which fracking opponents and supporters have been anxiously.  The five year moratorium on hydrofracking in New York is a hot button issue in New York’s gas-rich Southern Tier, where the economy could use the boost that natural gas exploration could provide. 

According to Debbie Preston, Broome County Executive, "We won’t be silenced and we won’t stop fighting for our future until we are start drilling here in New York state”.  In an article by Elyse Michalonis, dated July 23, 2013, appearing in YNN, state legislators in the area compare the boom economy in neighboring Pennsylvannia with the absence of growth in New York.   "If you go down to Pennsylvania, travel around, it’s a booming economy, things are happening. There’s new roads and buildings. They’re thriving. We’ve got people in this area driving there, because that’s the only place to get a job,” said Assemblyman Clifford Crouch.